A glimpse of the future….

Taking the long walk home up the hill on election day yesterday I saw a sight I will never forget.   A school bus loaded with children pulled across the intersection and stopped to let several kids out.   Every window of the bus was open with a child leaning out shouting and waving, and from a block away I could hear the kids as it approached chanting “O-ba-ma, O-ba-ma” over and over.  I raised my arms and waved at them.   The chanting never stopped as four or five of them got out and jumped up and down as they ran off, all the time chanting along with the busload as it pulled off down the street.   I pictured several hundred other Boston school buses running their routes the rest of the afternoon, all like that one, loaded with excited dancing children all shouting for Obama.   These kids are growing up in a new world.    It’s going to be interesting, very very interesting…. and beautiful….

Baby boomers….

Just for the record, I believe the proper definition of baby boomer is anyone born after the war who remembers watching the original Howdy Doody show.  Period.  End of discussion.   If you didn’t watch Howdy Doody and you don’t remember Clarabelle honking his horn and squirting his seltzer bottle at Buffalo Bob, and you don’t know Dilly Dally, Flubadub, Chief Thunderthud, Princess Summerfallwinterspring and the mayor of Doodyville, Mr. Phineas T. Bluster, then you do not qualify, sorry kids….

This of course means that Obama, born in 1960, the last year of the original show broadcasts, is speaking true when he says that he does not identify with boomers but rather with the next generation.   The torch has been passed….